5 Easy Kitchen Remodeling Projects That Will Change the Look and Feel of Your Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling is an opportunity to put your stamp on a key space in your home. It is also a chance to add features that make sense for your family and will appeal to future homebuyers.

Kitchen Remodeling

Increased space is a common need for homeowners. Design-build remodelers can help you look at the layout and provide options to open up your kitchen.

Replacing old appliances is one of the most common parts of a kitchen remodel. Not only do new appliances look nice, but they can also save you money on your energy bill. Many of today’s appliances are also “smart” and can be controlled remotely or using voice commands.

Another reason to replace your old appliances is that they may be unsafe. Over time, appliances can lose their ability to properly heat or cool your home, and they can have other issues that might not show up until it’s too late. A kitchen remodel is a good opportunity to upgrade your appliances to meet modern safety and efficiency standards.

During your remodel, you can replace your appliances or add luxury items like a wine cooler or water filtration system to make your kitchen even more functional and stylish. Keep in mind that new appliances can add value to your home and increase its resale value.

Installing new flooring

Installing new flooring is an important part of any kitchen remodel. It can completely change the look of your kitchen and improve its functionality. You can choose from a variety of different materials for your kitchen floor, including vinyl, laminate, and hardwood. It is recommended that you consult a flooring expert to help you select the right material for your kitchen.

Many homeowners have a hard time deciding whether to install their cabinets or floors first. In most cases, it is best to install the floors before the cabinets. This way, the cabinets will not damage the floors or make it harder to get future remodeling done.

This is especially true for nailed-down or glued floors. However, floating floors can be installed after the cabinets. It is recommended that you consult with both your cabinet and flooring contractors before starting the project. This will ensure that everything is completed correctly and to your satisfaction.

Replacing old electrical

In many cases, a kitchen remodel includes the replacement of old electrical components. This can include new lighting, kitchen electrical outlets, and more. However, it is important to consult with a professional before making any changes. A good remodeling contractor will help you determine whether a full rewiring is needed or if the current wiring is safe enough to keep.

Outdated kitchens can have a lot of safety hazards, including unsafe wiring, mildew, and mold. This is why it is essential to remodel your kitchen to meet the latest safety standards.

A standard-sized kitchen needs at least seven circuits. This includes a 15-amp basic lighting circuit and two 20-amp small appliance circuits. In addition, you should have a dedicated outlet for your dishwasher and refrigerator. It is also a good idea to install new outlets near the countertops where you will use them. This will save you time by reducing the number of trips you have to make to the breaker box.

Replacing old cabinets

Cabinets are often the center of attention in a kitchen remodeling project. Replacing cabinets can dramatically change the appearance of a room and is an important part of any kitchen remodel. However, it can be an expensive project that requires a lot of work.

The most cost-effective way to update cabinets is to reface them, also known as “resurfacing.” This process replaces the door and drawer fronts while retaining the existing cabinet boxes. The project can be done quickly and with less expense than replacing the entire cabinetry.

This method is eco-friendly, too. Refacing uses fewer natural resources than new wood and reduces waste that ends up in landfills. Some homeowners choose to reface their entire kitchen, changing the height of wall cabinets or adding crown molding. The result is a more contemporary look that will increase the value of your home. Many general contractors can provide you with design assistance, although they will likely charge a fee.

Replacing old countertops

The countertops in your kitchen play both a functional and aesthetic role. They must be able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. This is especially true if you have children or cook often. Even the strongest materials will show signs of aging over time, including scratches and burn marks.

Replacing your old countertops is a great way to improve the look of your kitchen and make it more functional. New counters are also easier to clean and maintain. You can choose from a variety of different materials, from laminate to marble. There are even a few innovative products on the market, such as smart composite nanosurfaces that can resist heat and damage.

A kitchen remodel can add value to your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers. It can also be a great way to reduce your energy costs by switching to more efficient electronic appliances.

Replacing old cabinet doors

Replacing your cabinet doors is one of the most impactful things you can do to give your kitchen a fresh new look. You can make your cabinets look completely different without spending a fortune by simply changing the door styles and materials.

When you work with a design expert to plan out your project, they can help you select the right size of doors for your space. You’ll also be able to choose the style of doors (custom, semi-custom, stock, or ready-to-assemble) and whether you want wood, veneer, or laminate.

Before you start removing your old doors, it’s important to label everything carefully. This will save you a lot of headaches when it comes time to put the new ones back up. You’ll also want to make sure that the new hinges and hardware match up with your old pieces. Lastly, you’ll need to clean the old doors and drawer fronts to remove any dirt or grime.

Replacing old cabinet hardware

Cabinet hardware is another easy kitchen remodeling project that can have a big impact. A new set of knobs or handles can give a fresh look to any kitchen and is an affordable upgrade. Plus, they’re something that can easily be taken with you if you ever decide to move.

As far as the actual installation, if your cabinets are still structurally sound, you may be able to simply reface them by installing new doors and drawer fronts. However, Eldredge warns that you should never choose a new cabinet door design based solely on aesthetics, and you should consider the practical factors involved in choosing a particular color or style.

To replace your old hardware, start by removing the existing knobs or pulls from each cabinet door or drawer. Then, purchase wood putty from a hardware store or home center to fill the holes. It’s recommended that you purchase three different shades to make sure you have a match for the cabinet’s overall tone.

Replacing old sinks

Over time, your kitchen sink may no longer fit your family’s needs. It could be that it’s too shallow or that your style has evolved beyond what the current sink can offer.

If your sink is a drop-in model, it’s a relatively simple matter to swap in a new one. Just make sure that the countertop and any cabinet beneath can accommodate your preferred size. Alternatively, if you opt for a more dramatic upgrade, such as the massive trough sink featured in this vintage cottage kitchen, you’ll have to create a new opening in your counter to account for it.

Removing an undermount sink from a countertop and the base cabinet beneath can be more involved, but it’s something that most homeowners can do themselves with some basic DIY skills. First, disconnect any water supply lines to the old sink. Then, remove the existing caulk and glue to free the sink from the countertop.

Replacing old plumbing

While a kitchen remodel often includes the replacement of flooring, countertops, and cabinets, the most important work in this type of renovation is the plumbing. It’s vital to replace old pipes that are not up to code or are damaged and in need of repair.

A professional plumber will inspect all of your kitchen pipes before a remodeling project begins and can recommend any repairs or repiping services that may be necessary. This can be a critical step in the remodel process, as it helps to avoid the need for costly tear-outs later on down the line.

A kitchen remodel requires a lot of labor and materials. This type of work is best left to professionals who have the experience and knowledge to complete it quickly and efficiently. If you decide to DIY some of the project, be sure to only work with contractors who are licensed and insured. This will help protect you from unlicensed subcontractors and those who are not insured against injuries or property damage.